Welcome to! Here you will always find great unique posters with a great scandinavian design. We have a huge sortiment of different amazing posters. Everything from great photographs to nice illustrations from scandinavian designers. 

We at Funqle aim to create art that makes a difference for you. Here we have collected a unique selection of posters and print. From black and white photo art to abstract brush strokes. We want to make you love your home and create beautiful walls. 

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451 results

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Amazing wall art, posters and prints online at Funqle

We have a huge collection of different photographs from all over the world. Photographs of wild animals, cities from all over the world and amazing nature pictures. The illustrations that we have vary a lot and we think we can provide you with some that can fill your cravings. Our selection of typographical prints is a combination of classic typo-prints with a combination of more innovative typography and unique layout.

Photographs, Illustrations and typographic posters online

Funqle offers over +500 great posters online. Shopping posters online has become very popular and we are very proud to offer the majority of our posters in different sizes. We also offer different frame options in a variety of sizes. The purpose of Funqle is to print all posters after placing your order. This means that we do not sell prints that are mass produced to several different suppliers. Instead, we can check and determine high quality on all paintings that leave our warehouse. Of course it happens without decreasing the speed on on delivery! Shop from our range of +200 designs - See all our affordable and cheap posters here! Funqle strive for a better world and all of our posters are printed on paper bearing the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) environmental label for responsible forestry and the EU Ecolabel.

Stylish, high-quality posters

Our collection is stocked with trendy and beautiful posters in both black and white. Our posters are printed in Sweden's premier swan labeled printing company, which enables us to ensure the perfect quality for each item. We longed for the optimal paper and eventually fell in love with Coala Fotosatin, a premium quality paper from that is made for photographs. The paper is environmentally certified, uncoated and has a total weight of 190g, giving it a distinctly exclusive feeling. It also delivers superb color and image reproduction. The word poster comes from the French poster, which originates in Latin affiches which means "attached to". A poster is a form of wall art with print of image or text on paper. In modern language use poster, poster, print and plansch all the same.

Stylish posters and posters for your decor

A poster works as well in the living room as in the bedroom. We have beautiful posters for all the rooms of the house and offer stylish posters to the kitchen as well as the hall. Our art prints are inspired by Scandinavian design, but fit all interior styles. Our collection contains everything from posters with world maps, maps of cities such as Malmo, Gothenburg and New York Manhattan, to diamond paintings and photo art. Why not combine a couple of posters with text with a cool nature scene to give life to the decor?

Small and large posters for your wallet

We offer cheap posters in the sizes 40x50 cm and 50x70 cm.There are lots of ways to decorate with our nice posters and paintings. Hang up two nice posters over the office with a still life in front, create a table collage over the kitchen table or a table top of the sofa in the living room. You can also print posters directly on the wall with wash tapes or attach posters with clamps on a notice board or interior grille. To help you along the way and inspire you, on our inspiration page, we've collected our best tips on creating a stylish wallet. Also check out our most popular posters and our new prints. We have also collected pictures of how our beautiful posters look at our customers' home in their interior.
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